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Shouting in Space

floating-in-space.jpgThere is no oxygen in space, and really no air. It’s hard to think of air as mass, but it is. It’s even more incomprehensible to think of the disappearance of air. Something can “vanish into thin air,” but into what can “thin air” vanish? (more…)


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me.jpgI want to take a moment to welcome myself to this blog. [That’s me on the right, Marine son on left]”Blog” sounds like Klingon. It’s a heavy word that rolls off your tongue like stroke-speech. But nevertheless I’m going to do a “blog”. Since the last part of welcome is “me” and the first part of welcome is “we” then let’s do this together. Thank you for pretending to laugh at this cheezy introduction, but it’s similar to someone giving you a microphone and telling you to say something. You go blank and say something stupid. But you are just testing the mike, and there is a time for that. Testing . . .

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