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I treasure going into my backyard and making a fire in our clay fire-bowl which sits on the deck next to our banana garden. It’s where I go to slow the world down and watch as the stars stop spinning, the refuge where I talk to God and try to hear his heart through the hiss and crackling, to see more clearly through the dancing flames and the liquid gray smoke.  (more…)

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God Prefers Metric


            We have France to thank for the meter. The French were not too keen on using England’s standard yard – the distance from King Henry’s nose to his outstretched middle finger. (Wonder why?) So French scientists spent ten years measuring the distance from the equator to the North Pole to find (more…)

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Convocation 2007


Prayer I delivered August 21st at Fort Worth Independent School District Convocation 2007 

Almighty God, be with our nation and our armed forces during this time of war. Bless this convocation and give us the wisdom to lead these young people. Protect our nation from terrorism from without and moral decay from within. Comfort us in times of national crisis. Do not forget us, O God, and help us not to forget you. For yours is the glory, and the honor, and the power! Forever, Amen!

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If I knew I were dying, how would I feel? Would all of life around me suddenly change, and everything at once become that strange adjective – poignant? Why, the very air would be filled with tiny visible carbonated bubbles which would sizzle as I passed through them on my way to anywhere. (more…)

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Red is the color of the planet Mars

Volcanic anger and giant-gas stars

Ruby lips tasting cherry wine

Twelve roses waiting in a check-out line (more…)

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I am a science teacher in a public high school. I do not believe in evolution. No, it is not a religious conviction; evolution is simply not believable as science. (more…)

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me.jpgI want to take a moment to welcome myself to this blog. [That’s me on the right, Marine son on left]”Blog” sounds like Klingon. It’s a heavy word that rolls off your tongue like stroke-speech. But nevertheless I’m going to do a “blog”. Since the last part of welcome is “me” and the first part of welcome is “we” then let’s do this together. Thank you for pretending to laugh at this cheezy introduction, but it’s similar to someone giving you a microphone and telling you to say something. You go blank and say something stupid. But you are just testing the mike, and there is a time for that. Testing . . .

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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