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Jesus was

Afflicted for our arrogance

Beaten to a pulp because of our behavior

Cursed for our carnality

Denied rest because of our addiction to pleasure

Exposed in the nude because of our sexual fantasies

Forsaken for our fallen nature

Gutted for our godlessness

Hurt because of our hatefulness

Injured for our insolence

Jacked up for a generation of jerks

Killed for our crimes

Laughed at for our license to sin

Murdered for our moral morass

Nailed to a cross for our narcissism

Ostracized for our outrageous acts

Pierced in his hands because we shake our fists at God

Questioned because of our crimes

Robbed of human rights so we could demand ours

Stripped to cover our shame

Tortured because of our autonomy

Undone because of our unworthiness

Vilified because of our vanity

Wounded for our transgressions

Xcommunicated by the religious

Yelled at by young and old alike

Zeroed in on but had done nothing wrong.

Jesus Christ . . .

hung naked for our pet sins

took the fall for our guilt

bled for our blood-borne pathogens

sweat, praying for our sorry souls

was separated from God for our restoration

He forgave despite or mockery

He loved despite our rejection

He prayed despite our carelessness

He suffered disgrace to win heaven’s grace for us

He smelled of blood and raw flesh to take away our stench

He laid down his life to give us eternal life

He was humiliated to restore humanity’s honor

He poured out his life so we could be forgiven

He was marred to restore our beauty

He starved in order to fill our lives

He died as a common criminal to save criminals

He died in darkness to save darkened souls

He died alone to save one person at a time

He died willingly to save whoever will receive Him

He died with the sins of the world charged against him

He died to impart forgiveness

Jesus tasted death for every person

Jesus was tempted in every way that we are tempted

Jesus suffered as the Lamb of God, the perfect sacrifice

Jesus Christ died for our sins

the just for the unjust that he might bring us to God.

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