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What happened with us?


Well, I’m trying to flesh out the unspoken transgression. To somehow color the invisible oscillating wave-lengths to see what went wrong in our relationship. Trace the tire skids back from the collision.


I need to unveil to you this great dichotomy I feel in my soul regarding our friendship. On one side of this knife-split opening in my gut lie the treasures knowing you has brought into my life – the inspiring hand-sculpted molds of my expressive self, alive and moving; the comfort of true companionship and affirmation spread out inside me like an open, cool desert-night, with no horizon to limit my dreams and no fear of the howling or haunting dark.


On the other side of my gut lie the stray pieces of a friendship, a hope, a dream, a song, a masterpiece, crumpled and forgotten; a frayed rope of integrity wound into an uncertain pattern, unraveled and useless; blame, written with the cool waters of good news from a far-away land and then baked in an unforgiving sun.


If you can forgive me – even with dead-pan reservation, I will forgive you with gold-pan delight. And we will close the book on all this drama and poetry and squeeze ourselves back into the dull manageable everyday cubicle.


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Tuesdays With Mortality



Tuesday I went to the doctor and came away with a bad report . . . again.


So, here I go . . . again, contemplating my mortality. It seems contradictory that one who consistently dwells on the eternal things of heaven thinks equally about dying.


Perhaps it’s because I have stood a few times on the narrow edge of the ridge that thinly separates two worlds, two opposing realms. One tangible; one surreal. One a camera-ready landscape; the other, a faintly visible mist – (more…)

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