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Sometimes I dont have energy. Im too tired to put in apostrophesandsometimespushthespacebar.

I feel like a deflated balloon, pflupflupfwtruuuulllllpluhoop. Augh, I must put the lid back on the jars i opened, push my shoes up under the bed, change from my Sunday khakis into my summer shorts. I’m too tired to eat a chip, so I let it turn to mush on my tongue. Maybe it’s not me, it’s the heat. It’s 104 in Texas today. What’s 4 more than 100? Phhffft! I can take it. When it gets so hot, you’re conscious of every move, every turn of the head, every labored breath.  The grass is dying here. I remember a phenomenon called rain? The heavenly stuff that can form beads on my car and glasses. No wind, no air, it’s a vacuum here. My Kia is sunburnt and peeling, the grass turns a strange aqua color before dying, the irrigation system spurts and gasps, afraid to expose their sprinkler heads. They used to go ‘chk-chk-chk-chk-chk-chk-ckk-fdrrrrr-fdrrrrrr-fdrrrrrrr-chk-chk-chk. Now they just go flp-fl-f.

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