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Drunken, Fallen

I feel crushed and distressed. Here’s why: America is only the second nation on earth founded by God. Israel is the other. Like Israel (see Jeremiah 13), America was destined for glory, honor, and renown and we have experienced that. Because they rejected God’s laws, God caused them to become drunk. I see that happening to America today. Drunkenness speaks of the loss of reason. Who would have dreamed that Americans would accept homosexual unions as normal, the legalization of marijuana, and welcome assisted-suicide. But it is happening at 100-proof speed. What happens to the drunken? They fall.
I heard a world famous evangelist say that America will not turn back to God. Why not?! If Christians would abstain from the nector of humanistic thought, the cocktail of freedoms-run-amuck, and the brew of socially-acceptable PC, and declare the truth of the Bible unapologetically and unceasingingly and ubiquitously, America would be saved.
America belongs to God based on three agreements:

The legal argument: King James I chartered the document which claimed the New World for the spreading of the gospel ( second provision of the Virginia Charter)

The spiritual argument: Robert Hunt, chaplain of the Jamestown colony, planted a cross at Fort Henry, claiming this land for God and his purposes

The civil argument: The Mayflower Compact, the first civil government laws, established the land as biblically-established and ruled under God

These three historical incidents gave this land, now called the United States of America, to God. We cannot take it away from him without disastrous consequences.


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My eyes were closed

It happened in less than a second

I saw him seated on a white throne  to my right

and above me about three yards away

His hands were on the armrests of the throne

It was so clear that I could see the lines in his knuckles

His hair came down onto his shoulders

and blended in with the chalky hue of the throne

His head was turned slightly toward me and

His eyes were on me

He didn’t move or say a word

But I felt he communicated to me

I immediately knew he had absolute authority

He was kingly

and this image is permanently impressed into my imagination

Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever

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