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The White Radiance of Eternity



 between the white radiance of eternity

And the washed-out hues of earth-bound existence

We meet

Between the outstretched tent of heaven’s firmament

And the tattered fabric of windless souls (more…)

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Antares is a star above all stars

You could fit a thousand suns inside its sphere

It burns 400 light-years from where we are

And the eye can scarcely see it shine from here (more…)

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Mszonow Train Incident


This is a true story. In 1970 in the Polish village of Mszonow (pronounced M’show-noof) two trains made a fateful passing. One was a German train on route from Berlin to Moscow; the other was a Russian train heading to Berlin from Moscow.

Inside the German train, commuters in one section of the long train were singing a song. (more…)

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I met a man my age last night and I asked him about his job. He supervises bakers all over the DFW area,  driving over a hundred miles every night. Since I teach science and talk about yeast being a fungus, I struck up a conversation with him. Noticing my intent, he stopped in mid-stride, turned, and engaged me with fixed eyes. A smile broke out on his face as he gave me a quick history of the Egyptian discovery of sourdough. He was as earnest as a doctor diagnosing a patient. (more…)

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