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H_M_S_X_ _L_TY

Redefining marriage

It’s easy. Just add vowels. Then hmsxlty  won’t look so weird!

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Something insidious must have put us to sleep

Droned on and on till we unknowingly fell somnambulant

Surely it came with a humming

A vibration

A disturbance less than a tremor

I know—it was stealth!

A clandestine break-in upon consciousness

Some miscreant, bent on capturing alertness


The first to fall was the sexton in the bell tower

Drowsed by watching the rope swinging in the warm breeze

Next the parson dozed

And the parishioners slumbered


Prayers, which began as a stirred and stirring cacophony

Cooled into responsive reading,

Then chilled into a liturgy

and finally, jelled into contemplation


The loud, jarring, white-water oomph of dissonant heart cries

Slowed into a hallowed swirl of codified praise

And stopped in a wide sea of whispered calm


The doors of the church creaked shut

As the walls began to close in

We feverishly colored the windows with

Wan pleasantries

Pale wishes, and

Pastel memories

Oh, bordered with lead


We all synchronized our watches

Pressed the alarms switch off

And climbed into safe, sterile body bubbles


From a voice recorder came

a Psalmodic instruction:

“When the craft reaches heaven

The suspended-animation chambers

Will automatically decompress”

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He saved the world

And no one on the planet knew what happened

They still fail to recognize him today

Even though his action saved their very lives

and make possible their posterity


The whole world was in his hands

its destiny at the tip of his fingers

For that brief moment

he held the scales that balance the nations

War and peace was his to determine

Life and death, his to command

Ten thousand martial messengers

were waiting on wing-tip in the shadows


He chose life and peace

esteeming the human race

believing the world deserved

the benefit of a doubt

For that we should be grateful,

indebted that he remained calm

as scores panicked around him


Tell your children and grandchildren

of that fateful, sleepy Sunday afternoon

When an unlikely savior bought them time –

a  lifetime – and lifetimes to come,

with one decision


It bothers me that so few know his name

What is more troubling is how those who do know

seem not to care what he did.


We know about the sports idols,

the perfect goddesses of the flat screen

But what have they done for us, really?

None have saved us

Nor made the world a better place.


Sadly, It is always the same:

We worship those who gratify us

while we scorn our Saviors


My dream is to go to Moscow

Take a cab to the small apartment of a pensioner

And there meet – and even embrace –

Stanislav Petrov,

the man who scratched his head,

stroked his chin

and in reflecting so, saved the world.


Stanislav Yevgrafovich Petrov (Russian: Станислав Евграфович Петров) (born c. 1939) is a retired Russian Strategic Rocket Forces lieutenant colonel who, on September 26, 1983, deviated from standard Soviet doctrine by positively identifying a missile attack warning as a false alarm.[1] 

To read about Stanislav Petrov’s heroic decision go to the following link: http://www.brightstarsound.com/world_hero/article.html


writer’s note: It is ironic that Petrov made this decision shortly after midnight, which was September 26th for him. It was still September 25th for Americans. Thankfully he allowed us all to see what he was seeing: September 26th.









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