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One of the saddest things Jesus ever said was when he told his disciples that the world could not hate them. How ironic that later they made decisions and took stands which brought about their martyrdom. I wonder if I would do that.

I know I’ve been despised and disdained for something I have said or done because of Jesus and the gospel, but I’ve never been hated by anyone that I know personally. That is too bad, and is an indictment against the way I live for Christ.

The American christians I know are not hated either. (more…)

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The National Day of Prayer should be a time when we all stop and do serious business with Almighty God. It is not a time for people of different religions to try to get in the spotlight so government or anyone else can endorse their particular brand of religion or definition of God. Nor is it the government’s place to try to make everyone feel good by being inclusive on a national day of prayer. Everyone should already feel included unless we think that we don’t need God or that our nation doesn’t need prayer or that our individual lives don’ t need circumspection. We should stop trying to fit God into our agenda. He is so much bigger than that, and a symbolic nod to everyone’s “god” is not what the National Day of Prayer is all about.

When the astronauts of Apollo 13 radioed “Houston, we have a problem,” every psychologist, chiropractor, mechanic, wedding planner, and EMT did not converge on NASA offering their services. Everyone on Earth knew to whom the appeal for help was made. Same thing here. In our hearts, we know to whom we are appealing and why. Let’s be honest about the day of prayer and not turn it into another feigned attempt at multiculturalism.

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