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I found a homeless planet by a distant star,

untouched by human vice or the waste of war.

I stepped aft of the lightspeed craft

into a burst of color and blinding vision

from a star closer than my sun –

My mission had begun.

Hastily I put some virgin sand into a wooden box

and locked the top.

I thought it ought to serve as a footstool for my king.

I crossed that world and after a while

found a stream, its water agleam and undefiled –

not once distilled.

With that crystalline fluid

I filled and sealed a mason jar

in case some future peasant – or worse,

a dying king – should thirst.

I followed the meandering river among purple reeds

to a grove of amber-ringed trees where I stooped

to scoop away strange yellowed leaves.

There I exposed an alien sapling cradled by a seed

I gently lifted that sprig up into a transparent cup

I had reserved for drinking, thinking for sure

some workman of wood would need it when it matured.

But on my way back to my lightship

I slipped and cracked the mason jar

and the water dripped out.

And, as I had forgot to seal the seams

in the wooden box, the sand leaked out

like an hourglass and formed

a thin white trail on the mossy grass.

I had rushed to unearth the novel sapling

and crushed its spidery roots

and as its leaf was drying and turning brown

I broke down, crying –

because I had hoped to make the world new,

change the past

by bringing back things unused.

But alas! In touching with stained

heart and hands, all was defiled:

the hapless planet, its land, water, air –

everywhere that I had been.

I realized it was I – not my home planet –

that was unclean,

and now, I had nothing to bring

to the One sent there from somewhere in space

to save me in the first place –

He was both peasant and dying king.


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Americans must get back to carrying out the 2nd part of the original Virginia charter: evangelization of the heathen. We are destined to take the gospel to the world, starting here. When public proclamation of the Truth becomes illegal in the US, we must not back down. Sadly, so few Christians publicly declare the gospel while they can.

One principle we should be very uncomfortable with is this: either we scatter throughout our nation and the world with the gospel, or we will be scattered as refugees. Either way, we will be sent out into the world. What will you choose?

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