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Friday the doctor will biopsy the man’s liver

by running a line down a vein in his neck

To check for fat, pressure, and damage

Like the Borg on Star Trek.

Last year the doctor checked his heart

by running a tube up an artery in his thigh

To check for plaque or rhythm

He got a comforting word from Lamentations:

“You have pierced my thigh with your arrows.”

(Sounds like a syringe and needle)

He needs a scripture for the liver thing

Like, “God delivers” maybe.

How they will take the pressure – in pounds or kilos

Since when do livers give off pressure?

Next year, they want to check his brain

By running a tube through a capillary in his backside

IsĀ  there a scripture for that?

If there is no pressure there, they will pump some in

Then check for signs and synapses

In ten years, the tubes will be wireless.

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