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America is not too big to fail,

but it’s too important to neglect;

It’s too beautiful to be marred;

too costly to be thrown away.

We can’t surrender our nation to evil.

America is gold, and it cannot exist for common purposes.

It mustn’t end up on the ash heap of history

like Persia, or Egypt or Greece or Rome.

We owe future generations a free America;

we have to give no less than what we received

Our freedoms and values were fought for,

Labored over, sweat out, bled out over

God has blessed America and we must

cherish it,

care for it

and preserve it

Too many lives have been lost for us to

forget who we are.

Too much blood has been shed for us to

hang our heads

and throw up our hands

We have to speak up; we are compelled

to resist darkness and the forces of hell

Ask the soldiers in Flanders Field about income equality

Ask the thousands under Omaha Beach about gov’t dependency

Ask the cold ground at Gettysburg if this nation is worth saving

Ask the sailors on the USS Cole if Muslims should be invited

to pray on the White House lawn

Ask the chaplains who died in our World Wars if

“So help me God” is a worthy Air Force motto

Ask Seal Team Six’s widows if Islam is a peaceful religion

Ask the 5,281 Iraq War dead if they want a muslim advisor in the White House

Ask the 1,432 Afghanistan War dead if they want a mosque at Ground Zero


What will we say to those soldiers we meet one day

How will we excuse these things? What will we tell them.

Here’s what you tell them:

Tell the Band of Brothers who buried their buddies

about how we condone and even lionize men lying with men

Tell the paraplegics from roadside bombs about the Americans

who are tweeting and sexting on their Obama-phones

Tell the lonely soldiers in far-away deserts away from their wives

about the low-life fornicators carousing in warm beds spawning

illegitimate children

Tell the soldiers who can’t get health insurance or who are waiting for benefits

            about the bums here who are falsely on disability and

unemployment compensation

Tell our men and women who are eating from tin cans about


If we don’t take a stand, then we be telling our grandchildren

about the days:

When a man was different from a woman

And when love was sacrifice and not indulgence

When courtship was an ideal and marriage was holy

and there was a virgin in every househould,

When children had no doubt about their gender,

When teachers told kids the truth

and citizens had moral fiber

When churches were on fire

            When the name of Jesus Christ was not thrown around

and people trembled at the word of God

When righteousness was a common word

and people feared the judgment and wrath of the Almighty.

Will every former generation of Americans and people all over the world

Rise up and condemn us at the judgment?

I hope not!

God bless America. America bless God!

Honor and tribute and thanksgiving and blessing to our veterans and troops

Glory and honor and power and majesty and dominion to our God!

Salvation belongs to our God!

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