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The Power of a Sentence

Richard Paul Matsch is from Burlington, Iowa. He attended the University of Michigan. He believes in the time-honored virtues of integrity and courage and loyalty and patriotism. Richard Matsch is probably a great-grandfather by now at age 84, but he has known heartache from the loss of his daughter at an early age.
But you may want to mock Richard Paul Matsch and call him cruel and unjust. You see, Mr. Matsch was the federal judge who sentenced Timothy McVeigh to death by lethal injection.
Is Richard Paul Matsch an sadistic person whose power enabled him to send a man to the death chamber?
No, Judge Matsch is a good man. A man of moral character who acted on principle and law, and a family man who had no personal vendetta against Timothy McVeigh.
Is God unjust and cruel because he will have to sentence people to hell? No.

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