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Neil Armstrong in Iraq


A few good men in ancient Babylon

Saving the world, a handful of sand at a time

(Even deserts deserve more than despots)

     Just yesterday they were running tractors through sandbox furrows (more…)

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I wish I were a Mexican. If I were a Mexican, I’d have more friends. I would be able to take all my family to WalMart, even my mother-in-law, because she wouldn’t be a driver or even have her license. We would stay together in the store and not scatter into our different departments of interest.


If I were a Mexican, I’d have tons of uncles and aunts. If I didn’t have enough, I’d just name a new one impromptu from someone who had gathered at my front porch. (more…)

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Free Speech


In church recently I stood with other veterans to be recognized and thanked on Veteran’s day. I was wondering where the American flag was when suddenly it appeared on the screen, projected. The American flag is a symbol. A projection of the American flag from computer graphics is a symbol of a symbol. (more…)

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Apple Time


Almost every night I go into the game room, armed with a kitchen knife and with a mission in mind. Get the slightest bit of fruit into my sons’ diet. There I make slivers which I deftly deliver to them as they punch buttons on the game or the computer. (more…)

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Lazy Mosquito


“Lazy mosquito” is an oxymoron. The critter is anything but lazy. Mosquitos are tiny, almost weightless,  extremely busy creatures.  Airborne pests who make stealth landings. The only way you know they are there is when they circumnavigate your head. Their wings beat 250 times a second, creating a buzz which may well correspond in ratio to the deafening noise made by an Apache helicopter. (more…)

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