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More Blood, Not Less

America needs more blood, not less

We’re all distressed from violence and war

and scores of rampages by the obsessed

All the killing and the spilling, oh my God!

It seems to be headed toward Gog and Magog,

where the blood rises to the horses’ bridles

and fills the boots of the horses’ riders

But still we need more blood not less

Not like the river Nile where it ran red a mile

Or the ruby-stained altars in Jerusalem

Life’s flow drained, yet it was never enough

Earth thirsts for more blood not less,

but not

like the butchery when Romans abused and trampled the Jews

or when it froze in Leningrad streets and church pews

or the most worst battles earth ever had,

when the Mongols purged the population of Baghdad

Or the Nazis’ two million at Stalingrad

Warsaw Uprising and Waterloo

World Wars One and Two

Yes, the world needs more blood, not less.

Not like Gettysburg, where boots sank down

in the blood of 50,000 that oozed from the ground.

From Operation Barbarossa’s losses back to

to Via Dolorosa’s three lone crosses

Yes! That’s the blood the whole of humanity and history needs

Where one man bleeds. In silence it flows down

from his feet, his side, his thorny crown

Just a thimbleful and we tremble till we see

that it was enough absolution, the sanguine solution, for the guilt-ridden world:

From the primal garden wedding to final Armageddon,

from Eden to the end:

that’s the only blood that matters

that which spattered over weeping widows, Pharisees

and Caesar’s centurions, the mockers, and the curious

the blood that went into the Holiest of All

and covered the mercy seat and sprinkled the walls

brought humanity back from the fall.

They pierced, yes, speared the Son who came up from Egypt

where blood once smeared and stained the lintels and door jams

from slain but innocent, perfect little lambs,

yet the firstborn son of every bloodless home was damned.

They needed more blood, not less.

And there was Abel (the first victim of slaughter and gore)

His blood cried out from the ground for more

creating the Avenger and the art of war.

No, the carnage would never stop

not till it got even to heaven’s door and heaven’s Son Himself:

The Lamb, slain from the foundation of the world!

Friends, even still, it’s not less blood spilled we need, it’s more!

So, let the signs in Ferguson read,

Let the banners in Chicago decree,

Shout it out from the housetops of Baltimore

America needs, not less blood, but more

More blood to lift the stain from Columbine

to sift out the pain in South Carolina

More scarlet spread for Charlotte’s dead

More flowing from Emmanuel’s veins

A rushing fountain gushing up, cascading out onto us all

Only blood can wash us, and sweep away

the anger and rage from history’s every page

Know this! Only that crimson fluid

can reverse the curse – undo it –

unravel the injustices of the gavel,

pick the wounds clean of the dust, dirt, and gravel.

There is power of that blood is in it’s virtue, not in how much

and Mary was told that a sword would pierce her soul

A cold blade that chased the innocent babe at Herod’s command

and assailed infants

as mothers wailed and wept and afterwards never slept –

Mary’s child would live, and another day, bleed.

More blood, not less, is what the whole world needs!

More of His saving fullness see

More of His love who died for me!

Yes, blood will wash America one way or the other

Let’s take His blood and not our brother’s.

The blood began to run in Jerusalem long ago

A woman clutching her son to her breast

red, dripping down his head to his chest

as it soaked through crushed flesh and bone and skin

then flushed through the dark of the soul and sin

as it rushed in a flood through heaven’s curtain, then

spread on the altar, there forever glazed

beneath the wings of seraphim and the astonished gaze

of heaven’s host –

and in its mystical powerful ways

still cleanses us today by the Holy Ghost.

Yes, yes, yes!

We need more blood, not less.


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