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The title is from the poem by Dylan Thomas, about resisting death.
I have gone through many emotions since the Ides of March (shutdown started): anger, sadness, resignation, disgust, fear, hope. But I have come to a few conclusions, which I’d like to share if anyone has the time.
First of all, I believe God has blocked every other way to ensure that we go through the “eye of the needle.” It is a time of divine discipline for our lasting good. God loves us enough to try to keep us from destroying ourselves and one another – and America, the hope for the world. It is crucial that we accept this time of discipline and submit to a loving Father.
Secondly, if we submit to the divine discipline, we can take the necessary measures to save our Republic. If we want national freedoms, we must have personal freedom in our character. We must practice mercy, love, and humility. We can’t turn back to revenge, slander, and selfish pursuits. We have to have a greater vision for who we are, together, as a nation, and contemplate seriously the “united” in United States, and tremble at the alternative.
The prophet Jeremiah said it so well, lamenting Jerusalem’s captivity: “You did not consider your destiny, therefore your fall was great.” (Lamentations 1). We have not yet fallen, only staggered. God, help us to stand!
Thirdly, we must fight against the human tendency to resort to absolute control, and we can only do that if we are self-controlled under God’s control. I once heard it said that if we don’t have renewed spiritual awakening in America, then we won’t be able to have enough police to control society.
The “police” has to be our conscience, our heart, our personal disciplines, common grace, and most of all – the grace of God.
I have to say what I heard in my soul in 2019, and it shook me to my core: If we don’t start washing one another’s feet in this country, we will be wiping up one another’s blood.
“God you are our Father. You love us enough to rebuke and discipline us. Help us to be earnest, and change our ways.” (Rev.3:18)
Thank you for listening!
 -jlh 2020

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