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The looting and violence in Ferguson Missouri should not surprise us. It is simply a reflection of worldview. Opposite philosophies where fair means either opportunity or distribution, justice means law or vendetta, and wealth means commerce or conquest.

The lawlessness sown by Eric Holder is bearing fruit. People now feel they can cherry-pick the laws they like. Our attorney general sees laws through a racial lens. The danger of this is that if we rule out laws indiscriminately, we diminish the law as a whole.

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Honey and Blood

I was struck today as I read I Samuel 15 where Jonathan dipped his staff in a honeycomb and got strengthened for battle. He was unaware that his father King Saul had forbidden anyone to eat a single crumb that day. When the men saw that Jonathan had eaten, they slaughtered animals from the herds and ate them, blood and all. Then, and only then, was Jonathan punished for eating honey.
I see a striking parallel in our culture today. When liberties, specifically religious liberties are restricted, the result affects the whole culture.

The government seems intent on punishing us for the honey, the freedom to spread the refreshing Word of God, while ignoring the consequences of removing God as the overseer of public peace, order and governance. When there is no God, soon there are no absolutes, and laws become numerous, weighty, and oppressive. The new society soon experiences the law being both arbitrarily enforced and universally ignored.

The removal of Gideon Bibles from US Naval base hotels and the rioting in the streets of St. Louis seem to have no connection. But, when you read the story of Jonathan and the honey, its charm seems to have no connection to a subsequent ravishing hunger that leads to the drinking of blood.

Spread the honey around, and there will be no occasion to shed blood.

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