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Some places in our lives are anchored to the bottom of the ocean by 360-pound chain links, unmovable. Others though are held tenuously by a delicate, intricately-woven spider’s web. Sometimes we stand Atlas-like, bearing up a cruel world, or like Samson, a pillar of strength in our own temple. But alternately, there is also the singular thread we grip tightly with two blanched fists, our back arched, head back, and feet dangling–all the while rotating slowly and straining the uncertain hold.

Either way, we eventually fall, from the weight above and below, or from our own weight.

I like the way Lois Lane put it as Superman zoomed under her as she was falling from a skyscraper and said, “I’ve got you!”

Looking up at him and then down at the ground, she asked the question we all unconsciously ask of God, “But who’s got you?”

There is only one person who can anchor us like a rock, yet hold us as tenderly as a feather. Only one person whose back still holds up the cruel world and keeps the roof from crumbling down in our earthly temple. Only one who can catch us when we’re falling, commanding gravity itself.

So, chains or spider webs, fleshly brawn or pillars of stones–however I stand,I trust.

Or dangling by a thread or in accelerating breathtaking descent–however I fall, I trust.

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