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A large comet-like asteroid is approaching Earth, but it is not alone. Astronomers have discovered in the tail of this asteroid a small moon. So, all comets are not gigantic cosmic wandering loners like we always thought. They are not all Godzillas or Superman, acting alone. No. The Lone Ranger has his Tonto; Don Quixote has his Sancho Panza; the Longhorn cow has her egret; and so, Asteroid 1998 2EQ has its companion. Which makes me ask, do you have a little companion moon encircling you or following in your wake? What do people see in your outer atmosphere. (Control your imagination here). Are you so predictable, like Halley’s Comet, which once struck fear in the heart, but is now just an occasional heavenly dust-storm? ┬áIs there something amazing in your life that people haven’t seen? Surprise people with a revelation, serendipitiously mesmerizing some bored observer and bringing awe back to an unsuspecting human soul. Splash the color of life onto the forgotten closeted canvas of a mind medicated by the repetitious clockwork pale orange of society. Maybe your small moon is nothing spectacular in itself. The joy erupts in the simple knowledge that your small moon exists. We all have one – look behind you!

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