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Nascent Poetry

Words, delivered to the heart,
must be cut like stones from a quarry,
pounded and rolled like sourdough,
vocal reeds – beaten and pressed into papyrus,
or corn shucks – heated and tamale-steamed.
Pure speech is birthed, giraffe-like –
falling two meters onto all fours;
not rattled like fingers of fate kissing dice,
never opened with a ‘poof’ like biscuits in a can,
or timorously wound like a jack-in-the-box.
Nor should words be the white piano key
that flattens a negro spiritual,
or soothingly warm barber’s shaving foam,
not helpless and curled like a newborn babe.
But each word has its price
and the Word himself will be the measure and the rod
When poetry ushers in the endless age
where angels sit as lyricists and God as bard.

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John Kerry said that East Jerusalem is eventually going to be the capital of a country called Palestine, which historically has never existed. So that is the position from which he is brokering.

If we force Jerusalem to be divided, then God will cause the United States to be divided. I’m not sure if that means a physical divide, but I know it will mean a divide of some sort.

Ariel Sharon is on his death bed. Immediately after he signed over Gaza to the Palestinians, he went into a coma and has been in one ever since. His body shrank down to a mere 80 pounds. He diminished the mass of Israel, and his physical mass shriveled as a sign of judgment. If he dies, this may signal a swift change to the situation in Israel. What, I just don’t know. Maybe war? And it would seem the war would be unfavorable toward Israel.

I know that Israel will ultimately triumph, but the role the U.S. plays could shape our destiny in a major way. We will have to see.

“He who blesses Israel will be blessed; he who curses Israel will be cursed.”

I don’t care if people think this is a radical view. What’s radical is to try to take away territory that God clearly gave to the Jews. The Bible is a more binding document than the Balfour Declaration. Even the Koran never mentions Jerusalem nor does it suggest that Allah gave that territory to Mohammed’s followers.

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