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When Prayers Fall

I’m coming to you, God

like a crazy singer

Pouring out my heart

It’s running through your fingers

like little grains of sand

from an hourglass of time

I’m giving what I can

not asking for a dime

I just want to know

my life brings you some joy

I’m coming to you, Father

like a desperate kid

My pleas like so much water

Splashing at your feet

like tiny drops of rain

dripping from a cup

You’re catching them in vain

with two palms facing up

But I just want to know

my life has made you smile

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“We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passion unbridled by morality and religion. . . . Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” John Adams in letters to his Son, 1798

Some people seem to think that the only way to break the power of so-called white privilege, the corruption of politics, and the greed of Wall Street is through social revolution. We must remind ourselves of France and Russia and where their revolutions took them.

But a social revolution without God’s laws restraining and guiding people is a recipe for chaos and cruelty. If people think that in order to build a new house they must burn the old one down, their thinking is flawed. Destruction cannot lead to success, and uncontrolled fire cannot generate useful power. Rage satisfies bloodlust only temporarily. Anger is not air in a balloon which escapes with a hissing sound and then lies limp; it is a generator fed by the gasoline of self-righteous ego, a monster continuously prowling for prey.

Revolution always has to be brought under control by reason and a greater and orderly lawful power. If not it becomes tyranny, and the people suffer under its iron low-lying cloud for long periods of time.

True revolution is in the heart, and it is through the one who rebelled against religious hypocrisy and held fast to God’s commands — Jesus Christ. He took the rage of us all.


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I think the greatest obstacle to current Western culture’s acceptance of Christianity is rooted in a deification of human rights. The cry for civil, human, universal rights is so loud and its stamp so indelible upon the Western psyche that any concept of the fallen nature of humankind, the need for salvation, the depravity of man, and other Biblical doctrines runs counter to that deification ideal. In the end, the so-called culture war not even about humanism versus Christianity; it is about being human itself. The exaltation of being human will always bring humans down rather than lift them up, which Christianity in fact promises. It eventually reduces humans to a level equal with animals, perhaps even plants or rocks. And, without a Creator who holds people accountable and who gives individuals a higher identity, anybody or anything can become dispensable on a whim. So, the gods of the Greeks and Romans (mirrored images of humans), eventually turn on each other, because the only thing that has any meaning is raw power, and the will (or gall) to project it.

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Water Trinity

I’m water, 75 percent
Today I’m treading myself, trying to stay afloat
And I’m evaporating tears into heaven
and condensating to come down and try again
to be simply water
Alas, I’m steaming from an underground hot geyser of dark hurt or rage
and it’s coming to the surface of me in hisses and squirts of pain and relief
Now, I’m ice, skidding across myself with cold thin metal feeling-void blades
And I’m turning an shooting up shards of ice onto shocked onlookers and clueless gawkers
Yes, I’m water, 75 percent
But the quarter of me that is not
is holding back the dam, resisting the uncontrollable flood of emotion
Wishing away the growing clouds of nimbus and numbness
Playing it cool
Staying solid
Refusing to meltdown
Man of steel, no — flesh and brittle bone
Alone, misunderstood
I choose to join with the water
gushing from His side
Water and blood spray me whole.
Liquid, ice, and steam
The trinity of watery me

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When God Sighs

I am here

dog-eared in the thick book of history

Born into a dramatic chapter along with you

surrounded by paragraphs long and short

In one sentence I sit

looking up as the Master Reader pauses

He puts his finger on one word

and sounds out the letters with silent lips

and an ever so slightly rise of the chest

That word is my life

What is the word?

And . . . was that a sigh?

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Today we still hold the notion that there is something called immorality, but that is changing. Very soon we will enter a philosophical mindset where nothing is immoral. Today, it is immoral to call an action or behavior ‘immoral.’ One day, morality won’t be a consideration.

For a background, the commandment “Thou shalt not commit adultery,” was not defended in our recent history nor its transgression censured, and as a result we have a host of other sexual behaviors which are no longer considered immoral. Of course these were spelled out in places where hundreds of God’s laws were cited, including things like homosexuality, bestiality and incest. But the point is, these are not considered primary indispensable commandments.

Once we eased up on the adultery command, it only followed that other sexual behaviors would follow. Now we are getting soft on something called ‘transexualism.’ We are going this route because we ourselves have lost our moral compass, so true north – so to speak- keeps shifting and will soon disappear. Then the new normal will be no norms at all.

We are of course still holding on to old relics of morality, like ‘gay or straight,’ but that won’t last long. Why? Because ‘straight’ implies ‘correct,’ so ‘gay’ must mean something that is not correct. Even ‘transgender’ implies a departure from plain ordinary ‘gender,’ so that is a variant that must be discarded too.

What we will be left with is a society where there are no sexual restrictions – imposed and antiquated moral standards, and where there will not be gender – just individuals, and in reality, not even humans – just living things. Anyone can have zero, one, or any number of partners, either temporarily or permanently. And, everyone and everything will have equal rights, even animals. I am not even going there. But, society will – a society where self is the smaller but greater god. The word ‘blush’ will be lost to philological history.

Thus, an amoral society will be worse than an immoral one.

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If every drop of water from every sea

were changed into a writer’s ink,

and every blade of grass were a pen

If the sky above were an empty page

and every person from every age a scribe,

they could not begin to convey


How deep and how wide, how long and how high

is your love – the love you gave us

How rich and how pure, how strong and secure

your covenant, and the blood that saved us

The wisest man could not explain

The universe cannot contain your wonders


If each grain of sand on every beach

stood for one promise you are faithful to keep,

and every star an act of your grace

And if every schoolchild stood up to count

for a thousand years, the final amount,

though it fill the vastness of space would fail to say


How deep and how wide, how long and how high

is your love, the love you gave us

How rich and how pure, how strong and secure

your covenant, and the blood that saved us

The wisest man could not explain

The universe cannot contain your wonders, Lord!

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