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He saved the world

And no one on the planet knew what happened

They still fail to recognize him today

Even though his action saved their very lives

and make possible their posterity


The whole world was in his hands

its destiny at the tip of his fingers

For that brief moment

he held the scales that balance the nations

War and peace was his to determine

Life and death, his to command

Ten thousand martial messengers

were waiting on wing-tip in the shadows


He chose life and peace

esteeming the human race

believing the world deserved

the benefit of a doubt

For that we should be grateful,

indebted that he remained calm

as scores panicked around him


Tell your children and grandchildren

of that fateful, sleepy Sunday afternoon

When an unlikely savior bought them time –

a  lifetime – and lifetimes to come,

with one decision


It bothers me that so few know his name

What is more troubling is how those who do know

seem not to care what he did.


We know about the sports idols,

the perfect goddesses of the flat screen

But what have they done for us, really?

None have saved us

Nor made the world a better place.


Sadly, It is always the same:

We worship those who gratify us

while we scorn our Saviors


My dream is to go to Moscow

Take a cab to the small apartment of a pensioner

And there meet – and even embrace –

Stanislav Petrov,

the man who scratched his head,

stroked his chin

and in reflecting so, saved the world.


Stanislav Yevgrafovich Petrov (Russian: Станислав Евграфович Петров) (born c. 1939) is a retired Russian Strategic Rocket Forces lieutenant colonel who, on September 26, 1983, deviated from standard Soviet doctrine by positively identifying a missile attack warning as a false alarm.[1] 

To read about Stanislav Petrov’s heroic decision go to the following link: http://www.brightstarsound.com/world_hero/article.html


writer’s note: It is ironic that Petrov made this decision shortly after midnight, which was September 26th for him. It was still September 25th for Americans. Thankfully he allowed us all to see what he was seeing: September 26th.










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Hey, I’m A Believer Now!



I’ll believe in global warming when hell freezes over

When I blindly pick up a four-leaf clover

And white turns black on the cliffs of Dover

That’s when I’ll believe


I’ll fall for the right to spew internet porn

When I hear if from the mouth of a unicorn

And when a more righteous Messiah is born

That’s when I’ll give in


I’ll say abortion is a woman’s right

When I see Europe get the nerve to fight

And Mt. Rushmore’s Presidents receive their sight

That’s when I’ll fall for that


I’ll promote the fallacy of evolution

When Castro renounces revolution

And Hitler’s forgiven his “final solution”

That’s when I’ll give my okay


I’ll condone a man marrying a man

When molten lava is held in the hand

And chlorine and alcohol mix in a pan

That’s when I’ll approve


I’ll wink at the idea of no absolutes

When seeds grow rhinos instead of roots

And paratroopers jump without parachutes

That’s when I’ll come around


I’ll consider the notion that God doesn’t exist

When angry atheists stop sounding so pissed

While looking at heaven and shaking their fists

That would make me stop and think


I’d weigh ideas that are even stupider

When China lays claim to the red spot of Jupiter

And I find something else that rhymes with stupider

That’s when I’ll believe






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I could just stare at this image

And I do

Often, and long


Mezmerized by a secret enchantment

I hide from family and friends—

My escape to this

singular island of contemplation.

What is it that so captures my eyes

Holds them fast

Makes me a hostage to such raw beauty?

After all,

it is only a distant rockpile,

unsteady and deformed.

But it is intoxicatingly bewitching.

I pose before this image,

trying to look my best

as nature, and nature’s God

take my picture.

I feel privileged,

just this band of soldiers

and me

Frozen in time,

locked in eternity’s gaze.

Simply analyzed,

It is a small band of soldiers

frantic to find a gap.

Pushing, jamming, urging

a mound of destruction to yield

They are all looking down,

working together —

too many, really, for the task.

I know this scene was staged

and I’ve seen the first one —

less dramatic for sure.

But this false hope, so honestly inspired,

so seizes my heart

that I throw myself into it

like a fanatic into a pagan religion.

God, I’m weeping!

Is it for these men, long dead?

For this war, long over?

I remember another Son

near the end of a cosmic battle,

lifting a rustic pole,

turned to the mourners:

“Do not weep for me.

Weep for yourselves

And for your children.”

So I obey HIm and

I weep for myself

For loving without feeling

For longing without depth

For sacrificing without hurt

For my silence

And for the shame to so cheaply live

in the shadow of this black silhouette

And I weep for our children,

Our sons  who fight under no clear banner

No standard-bearer’s majesty comes to them

rising up to their hope over a distant rise

No flag to hoist, no glory to wave

No pledge to echo from their brown voices

But, oh! The sands of Nineveh would easily

give way to a wooden shaft

Just as they did on Golgotha’s hill

My mind drifts, wind-blown,

To the One sacrifice

that makes Iwo Jima

Iwo Jima


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The White Radiance of Eternity



 between the white radiance of eternity

And the washed-out hues of earth-bound existence

We meet

Between the outstretched tent of heaven’s firmament

And the tattered fabric of windless souls (more…)

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Antares is a star above all stars

You could fit a thousand suns inside its sphere

It burns 400 light-years from where we are

And the eye can scarcely see it shine from here (more…)

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Cosmic Salvation

Take me through a vortex in your heart

That whirlpool of crushing revelation

And blackhole of abandoned trust.

Completely absorb

The mass that is me by the gravity that is you. (more…)

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Red is the color of the planet Mars

Volcanic anger and giant-gas stars

Ruby lips tasting cherry wine

Twelve roses waiting in a check-out line (more…)

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